360° Branding Services


Chada specialises in 360° hospitality branding, driven by compelling narratives and intelligent brand positioning. We take a holistic approach that interweaves branding and interiors to create unique experiences and captivating stories.

From boutique hotels to larger hotel groups, restaurants, bars, and spas, we ensure a consistent brand voice through intelligent brand strategy. We execute brand identity across signage and wayfinding, websites, hotel and restaurant collateral.

It all starts with a great narrative. A memorable hospitality experience is built on a captivating story. We craft engaging narratives to inform and shape the experience design of your venue. Our full suite of hotel brand services powers your chances of success.

Whatever size or style of hospitality venue, we can bring your vision to life through a fully immersive brand experience including music, art and fragrance so you can offer the perfect guest experience, whatever the scale.

Merchant Suites Branding

Commercial Suites adjacent to Martin Place in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Merchant is the leading the wave of apartment-style offices for the ideal work-life balance. We drew inspiration for name and narrative from the historic site, where Australia’s early merchants warehoused and traded goods. This provided a rich visual tapestry to bring the brand to life through signage and wayfinding, artworks, website and marketing collateral.

Brentwood Hotel Branding

Having hosted the Rolling Stones whilst on tour in the 1960s, The Brentwood Hotel had a great heritage on which to build the narrative. Brand and interiors interweave the mid-century aesthetic throughout rooms, social spaces courtyard and pool.

The New Hotel

Drawing on the richly (checkered) heritage of the East Coast, the New Hotel has a revivalist vibe. Referencing motel chic of the 50s and 60s, skate and surf culture of the 70s, and party excess of the 80s and 90s, the New Hotel will secure its own legendary place in seaside history.

Clarence Hotel

Originally a warehouse bringing fine china to Sydney’s elite, Clarence Hotel is inspired by the intricacy of china art, and the wabi-sabi beauty of its fading tradition.

The interiors in each of the 6 floors are inspired by a unique tradition, with abundant graphic beauty spilling from walls to soft furnishings to collateral.

Subaru Showrooms

Subaru engaged us to create a warm and friendly environment
and bring Subaru brand to life in showrooms and workshops Australia-wide, delivering moments of joy in the customer journey. We also created The Blue Book, Subaru’s Interior Brand Standards Manual, recognised at the 2020 Australian Graphic Design Awards.


Brand Identity

A differentiated brand is your greatest marketing tool to drive and amplify awareness. Our strategic process defines your unique positioning, aligned to your brand DNA and expressed with personality and a consistent brand voice.

Restaurant, Bar and Cafe

Buzzing social spaces bring in local guests and help breathe life and excitment into the hotel experience. We develop F&B concepts, collateral and personality-driven messaging.

Wayfinding and signage

Let your unique style come to life through wayfinding, signage and on-brand messaging throughout your venue that speaks to your people, interweaving brand voice and interiors.

Responsive websites.

Before a guest ever steps inside your hotel, they have already looked you up online. Is your digital presence setting consistent with the experience they can expect to have in your venue? We design and build websites to speak to your tribe. Mobile-first with full booking functionality and optional point of sale integrations.

Digital content creation.

We produce photo libraries of compelling imagery and graphics to make your brand stand out on social, and partner with the best digital marketing consultants to optimise your venue’s visibility and brand awareness.

iPad Concierge.

In-room iPad concierges are a delightful way for guests to get to know the neighbourhood, order breakfast or browse your hotel’s custom products or choose the pillow they want. Not only that, they are a great way to offer 24/7 service, without the overheads.

Print marketing.

Custom magazines, brochures and books and beautifully crafted print collateral help build community and embrace their tactile quality to nurture lasting, emotional connections.

Custom art.

We create custom art to give your give your venue a unique and distinctive look, collaborating with local artists and curators. Art helps you tell a bigger story about your purpose and style. 

Bespoke music playlists.

Beautiful venues need music to match. We partner the talented music curators from Playlister — who have worked with the likes of Chateau Marmont and The Standard Hotels — to create one of a kind music collections.

Minibar curation.

Give your guests a taste of the local craft brands for snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic products with a curated, fun and thoughtful minibar offering, that also look as good as they taste.

Amenities and merchandise design and sourcing

We help you source the best amenities to suit the personality and core values of your brand, from your sustainability commitments to value and quality. We custom design your own range of white label products.



Brand Strategy
Brand Narrative
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity design
Brand Guidelines
Brand architecture
Way-finding and signage
Hotel room collateral
Restaurant branding
Bar branding
Cafe branding
Bespoke tableware


Website design / build
iPad concierge
Digital marketing
Photography and video
Hotel merchandise
Retail experience
Print/outdoor advertising

Experience Design.

Custom artworks
Feature walls
Bespoke music playlists
Mini bar curation

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