After 35-years designing your hotels we understand what you’re going through. COVID-19 has been very, very scary for hospitality but as Dr Norman Swan says ‘We will get through this!’

Here at the pointy-end of new developments we’ve been busy preparing a Pandemic Future-Proof Plan to help our colleagues transition out of this crisis.

We’ve got 120 completed hospitality projects under our belt & hopefully it’s obvious by now that we design with an operational viewpoint. Don’t worry we can fast-track things and your recovery plan will be tailored to your needs and budget. Hotel, F&B and Event Venues need to maximise functionality and enhance the guest experience to be ready for the next phase. But of course, you know this.

So, how can CHADA help?

  • Design to champion and accommodate new behaviours
  • FF&E layouts for social distancing measures – guest use and servicing – adaptable and able to revert to normal occupancy
  • Signage, wayfinding & brand messaging to reflect new layouts
  • Establish a new design aesthetic that signals clean and is cleanable
  • Create a low-touch environment across all spaces
  • Integrate interior and exterior spaces
  • Re- think design of food service including buffet service
  • Advise on speedy refurbishments while occupancy is low

Venues that are able to re-gain guest confidences will lead the way because after all we all want normality, comfort, and familiarity whilst feeling safe. With our know-how and experience we can help achieve this for you.

Don’t stay isolated…you’ve got us.

All the best

Rick & Juliet
Partners of CHADA